Alert: 12 April Message -Test Message only Disregard please.

Event: Local Area Emergency
Sender Name: Ham,Fredericksburg,Virginia
Issued: 2017-02-28T10:18:32-05:00
Expires: 2017-02-28T10:33:32-05:00
WEA Text: This is a Test Imminent Threat Alert. 123-123-1234
Description: 12 Apri Test Message. THIS is NOT an Actual Message. It is only a test.. This is Descriptive text that defines the alert
Instruction: This is not an Actual message. It is only a Test. This is where the call to action for folks receiving the message should be provided.
Link to more Info:
Urgency: Immediate
Severity: Severe
Certainty: Observed
Categories: Safety,
Resource links:
EAS Broadcast Content Type: audio/x-ipaws-audio-mp3 Link:
Area Description: Alexandria

Message Identifier: Alert12_neg_2017128101832
CAP MessageType: Alert
Added note: – IPAWS Test